How Shakira Found Out Gerard Pique Cheated On Her

It is the dream of many to be in a relationship where there is absolute fidelity. But then, dreams are cheap and most times divorced from reality. Women cheat. Men cheat. And they all will readily deny cheating until they are caught.

For Colombian singer Shakira, finding out her ex-lover was cheating on her was as simple as observing that her favourite jam was always disappearing from the fridge.

According to reports, the singer had returned home after a period of travelling to find out that her favourite strawberry jam in the fridge had been eaten. And as far as she is concerned, since neither Pique nor the children like the product, someone must have been in the house and eaten the jam.

That was all the clue she needed to know about Pique’s infidelity. And it hurts. The incident formed part of the subject she treated in the music video for her song “Le Felicito,” featuring Rauw Alejandro.

Shakira is especially miffed because Pique didn’t show much remorse but quickly moved on and was even photographed kissing a woman known simply as Clara Chia. The two had even reportedly spent quality time at the Summerfest Cerdanya.

Well, life goes on.

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