How To Blow Up As An Upcoming Artist — The Gospel According To K.O.

If you are an up-and-coming artist with big dreams of one day blowing up and becoming an important name on the music scene, best believe you are not alone. There are many others like you, with similar aspirations and fears – lost in the street of “what ifs?

What if the music gets poor reception? What if all the plans flop? Well, there was an artist out there who was bold enough to share his fears and aspirations with a more accomplished musician. The X user Sydney031 had mentioned K.O. in a tweet and south the adviser of the Skhanda World boss on what to do to quicken his rise as a musician.

He noted, among others, that he has good music but he is scared to release them as they might go to waste.

Well, reacting to the post, K.O. advised that if the songster is unable to do it on his own, he should get signed to a credible record label or get a management deal to help with the marketing. He made it clear that good music alone is not enough. Other facts also come into play to make a highly successful artist. he should not ignore them. See the post below.

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