How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning In Sports Betting

Sports betting is popular and exciting, but it is not easy to get right and it is not really there to chase life-changing sums of money. There are a lot of factors to consider and you’ll also need to have some knowledge and skill to make smart bets.

There’s patience and discipline to be worked into things as well, but sports betting should never get beyond the point of being challenging and fun. Something not to be avoided is the fact that sports betting involves risk and there are no sure-fire ways of winning.

The sports betting base is always the same, and it is choosing a reliable betting site with good offers, like one of those listed at But sports betting is a thrilling rollercoaster ride, where a single prediction can make the difference between a winning or losing streak. And while it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, there’s no escaping the fact that the odds are stacked against you. But there are some strategies and tips that can help you increase your chances of being a success in the long run. 

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Let’s explore the chances of making correct predictions in sports betting and discover how you can tip the odds in your favour.


In some instances like the famous Grand National, it’s fun to be a pin-sticker and just pick out a random selection in the horse race without any real basis. But that’s far from being a sound approach to sports betting. You have to research what you are betting on. 

Build a working knowledge of a team within a league, study current form, read tips and read the latest news related to injuries etc. As well as making you more informed about what you are betting on, the insights gained will also likely lead you away from rash, impulsive bets.

Kick In the Discipline

To get the most out of betting, there is some discipline needed, especially reeling in the temptation of trying to place too many bets at online bookmakers in South Africa, England or wherever you are located. 

There’s little need to spread yourself thinly, and the more you do, the more you risk ending up with potentially less profit. So be selective with the bets you make. Use the research to narrow things down to target selective bets only. 

Another piece of advice is to take a pass on betting on the teams that you support, just so you don’t get emotionally involved and get off track.

Discipline and consistency are good things for sports betting, especially when learning the ropes. It’s OK to stick to simple markets like match outrights and to play the same type of bets, at around the same odds, with the same stake so that you keep track of what you are doing.

Check Yourself

Following on from above, if you are keeping a record of all your bets and their outcomes, then it will make it easier to see where you may need to adjust your strategy. This self-analysis is common, and a somewhat necessary part of sports betting.

As with any hobby, you want to progressively learn how to do things better. So take your time with the journey. Again a big part of sports betting is that it is challenging and you will invariably hit a losing streak at some point. If you have a record you may be able to spot where things are going awry and how to snap the streak.

Watch the Bankroll

You have a bankroll, which is what your betting budget is. You should watch this very carefully. In fact, before placing bets, you should plan out how much of that bankroll amount is going towards each wager. A lot of punters take 2 or 3% of the overall budget for each stake, which is a good plan because it helps to stay consistent.

Monitor your bankroll closely and adjust your betting strategy as needed. If you’re consistently losing money, it may be time to take a break or re-evaluate your approach to sports betting. On the other hand, if you find that you’re consistently winning, you may want to consider increasing your bets or taking advantage of other betting opportunities.

Look for the Best Odds

After researching and finding the bets that you want, don’t just settle for the first price you see. Shop around and do odds comparisons between different bookmakers to see if you can get a boost on a price. This is an advantage of having an account at more than one bookie.

Maybe you want to back Liverpool To win and one bookmaker has them at 4/5 (1.8) but you look around and find them elsewhere at 10/11 (1.91). You are not going to see wildly differing odds, but in the above instance, the better price of 10/11 returns an extra 1.09 of profit compared to the first quote.

In Conclusion

Sports betting is a form of entertainment, not a way to get rich quickly and that’s good advice to keep in mind at all times. You should be able to make bets and still enjoy watching matches, without burdening yourself with stress because of needing a bet to win.

Of course, all punters want their wagers to be successful. But that’s a different thing from needing them to win because of a difficult financial situation. Always stay in control and be open-minded enough to learn from your mistakes and improve your skills over time.

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