Hushpuppi Trends As Chris Brown References Him “Monalisa (Remix)” Song With Sojay & Sarz

Wherever he is right now, Ramon Abbas, long famous as Hushpuppi, would be pleased that he’s been referenced as one who truly enjoyed life  – that is, before he ended up in the slammer on fraud charges.

The Nigerian singer Lojay had released a remix of his song “Monalisa,” featuring and Chris Brown. Of the two guests, though, ’s verse has become the most famous.

In his verse, the American singer and dancer crooned about enjoying life like Hushpuppi, the lines intrigued Nigerians, and they started discussing it. In no time, Hushpuppi started trending on Nigerian Twitter.

One tweeter noted that Hushpuppi was always at clubs frequented by top celebrities, so they should know him as a wealthy person. Another pointed out that Hushpuppi’s former lawyer was also ’s lawyer.

And yet others thought the American singer was mordant and old because Hushpuppi was in jail when spat his verses. You can check out some of the comments below.

By the way, the original “Monalisa” song was part of the 2021 “LV N ATTN” EP by and Lojay. ’s verse has brought a new focus on that project and the song as well. Can you beat that?

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