Hushpuppi Trends As He Allegedly Pulls Off $429k Fraud From Prison

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, who goes by the alias Hushpuppi, is trending again… for another crime allegedly committed while in prison in the United States.

is currently facing fraud charges in the United States, where he was extradited from the United Arab Emirates. Memories of the man appeared to have died sown briefly as his sentencing for fraud and money laundering was deferred.

But he popped into the consciousness of and indeed the world again after it was established that he’s used the computer facilities in prison for another internet heist of a little over $400k.

While some peeps were incredulous, others could only laugh and call him a legend. One Twitter user even joked that was pulling off a great heist while in the slammer but Yahoo Boys who are free don’t come close in the scale of their scams.

For some reason, some social media users are comparing him with the Colombian Pablo Escobar whose brief is drugs and not internet heist. And now Escobar is trending alongside the Nigerian.

Still, some Nigerians wouldn’t believe that carried out any heist while in custody in the United States. At least he should know the systems are tapped, they argued.

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