Hushpuppi: US Justice Department Dismisses The Nigerian Fraudster’s $400,000 Prison Fraud Case As Fake

The US Justice Department has dismissed Hushpuppi’s $400,000 fraud case as fake.

On Thursday, March 17, news of Nigerian fraudster, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi dominated the news that he had committed $400,000 fraud from prison. According to several media outlets, US state prosecutors submitted documents” showing that he committed fraud and laundered over $400,000 while in jail in the United States.
The reports have revealed that documents submitted before the United States District Court of California on Wednesday show that Hushpuppi committed fraud while he was being held as an inmate in the US Federal correctional facility committed fraud and money laundering.

He was said to have participated in the fraudulent purchase and laundering of Economic Impact Payment debit cards obtained from stolen data of US citizens and residents. Reacting to the news, the US Justice Department called the news untrue and shared that nothing of that sort happened.

Mrozek Thom, Director of Media Relations, United States Attorney General Office in a statement to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Thursday called the reports false. He is quoted saying “After we have looked at the documents that were reported by the media, the US Attorney Office in Los Angeles which filed a suit against Mr. Abass did not file any such documents. We have checked with the FBI agent that was reported to have written the documents and he confirmed to us that he knew nothing about the documents, saying they were fake.”

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