“I am a victim of rape” Makhadzi

shocks fans as she reveals she’s a victim of while announcing the music video for her song “Murahu” featuring Mr Brown.

Indeed, you can’t judge a book by its cover. We have all been through so much, things that have in many ways framed our lives, and made us who we are today. We can either choose to let our pain define us or just break out of that circle.

The very talented performer, is telling her story, and fans are shocked by it. One thing that catches the eye when it comes to her is her energy and work ethic.

While announcing the music video for her song “Murahu”, the Mzansi hit maker revealed that she’s a victim of rape, and was once called “mad” for selling her CDs in the streets. However, she stated that she will not let the things she’s been through define her or control her life.

Murahu music video loading …. don’t judge book by its cover #murahu notopfa zwakale nahumela murahu ….. This song is dedicated to my life story …. I am victim of rape , I was once called a mad person because I am first person to promote music in front of shops in my town . selling 💿 cds . Iam trying to tell everyone to not judge me because of my past because My past didn’t not break me but made me . Me being a victim of doesn’t mean i am no longer wife material.

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