“I don’t know how I survived” Rethabile says about her accident

Rethabile says she doesn't know how she survived her recent accident

Rethabile finally opens up about her accident, says she doesn’t know how she survived.

One of the biggest testimonies of this year comes from Mzansi singer, Rethabile Khumalo. The talented singer was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago. Fortunately, she’s healing and has been out and about since.

Refusing to talk about it for a while because of the trauma, she finally opened up to Daily Sun about what really happened. She revealed she was hit by a car and almost died. According to her, she pleaded to God to spare her life as she lay on the road unable to move.

She revealed that when she was rushed to the hospital, they discovered she didn’t have any broken bones. From the pictures she saw from the accident, it was a very bad one but thankfully, she wasn’t badly hurt. According to her “I dont know how I survived. I know one of the victims is still in hospital”.

She said,

For a while I couldn’t move. As I lay there on the road, I kept praying, asking God to spare my life. I wasn’t ready to die. I was then rushed to hospital. Fortunately, none of my bones were broken. I had a blood clot in my right thigh, a few scratches on my face and a scar on my head.

“I still have a minor swelling on my thigh, but it’s going down. From what I understand, the car that hit me was beyond repair. I’ve seen pictures and it’s clear the accident was very bad. I don’t know how I survived. I know one of the victims is still in hospital,” 

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