I Got “Ignored…” PH Raw Details Raw Deal In The Hands Of Local Big Artists

Mzansi DJ and producer pH Raw has spoken of the raw deal he had in the hands of established musicians in the industry. According to him, the established cats snubbed him when he reached out to them for features.

He made this revelation in a tweet on 20 July 2020. The tweet elicited robust engagement from fans and some up-and-coming artistes, who voiced similar frustrations.

Where the established voices failed him, he looked up to the new lyricists in Mzansi’s universe. It’s been poetic ever since. The new cats are only too eager to work with pH Raw – also called pH Raw X. they have been really good to him, and he is happy.

I Got &Quot;Ignored...&Quot; Ph Raw Details Raw Deal In The Hands Of Local Big Artists 2

By the way, pH raw X’s experience is not unique to South Africa. Artistes around the world experience similar frustrations. Some are comfortable expressing the problem; others would rather keep quiet. Either way, the problem is there, and will always be there. And, like pH Raw X, artistes overcome their frustrations by working with those who would work with them.

What do you think of pH Raw’s experience? Have you experienced something similar, or perhaps you know of someone who has had a similar experience? We should love to hear them all in the comment section below.


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