“I Love The Woman I’ve Become”, Zahara On Her Achievements

Zahara speaks on her evolution over the years.

When Zahara looks in the mirror, she sees a fierce lioness with scars as a symbol of strength and one whose battles have made her brave.

The talented singer wants the world to know that she is starting 2020 in a different way- as a single and independent woman that is ready to take over the world.

Zahara said to DRUM:

I love the woman I’ve become.

Nothing really bothers me. I have been criticised, hurt and labeled all sorts of things but I continue to stand firm because I know my purpose- to heal people through my music. That makes me sleep at night.

Bulelwa Mkutukana, popularly known by the stage name, Zahara, could be seen relaxing with her cousin and manager, Oyama Dyosiba. They sat on the couch in her home in Little Falls, Johannesburg and were watching music videos of the singer that were released at the beginning of her musical career. Zahara’s eyes turned misty as she reflected over her musical journey.

Zahara had once been broke and also bullied for her looks, amongst over things. However, she has become the first South African musician to sign a concert residency deal with Emperor Palace hotel.

This awesome deal would grant Zahara the chance of performing at the luxury resort chains all over the world for five years.

She said:

With Emperors, I basically do what Celine Dion did in Las Vegas. I’m sorted for many years to come, darling.

Talking about her love life, the talented singer revealed that dating has not been easy for her. The thirty-one-year-old singer called it quits with her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend, Ian Sihle, last year. She decided not to talk about the relationship in details but she revealed that she learnt some tough lessons from the relationship.

She had hoped to tie the knots with the motivational speaker, Ian, who she met at a New Year’s Eve in 2017 through her cousin. However, she broke up with him when she realized that he wasn’t the one for her.

The Afropop sensation talked about other issues with regards to leaving her former record label, working as an independent artist, not giving up on her career, giving up on alcohol, her plans on collaborating with notable international artists, and so on.

In 2019, Zahara learnt to take ownership of her music. This year, she plans on taking charge of her life.

She said:

2020 is mine, honey. I’m responsible for my talent. I’ve also learnt a good lesson with love because maybe I started dating late and was inexperienced. Now I know to put my needs first.

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