“I Was Just Grateful”, Chad Da Don On Nasty C Collaboration “The Other Side”

It is obvious that fans keep seeking out controversies between artists, not relenting a tweep brought up the comparison between Chad Da Don and Nasty C, saying the later ‘bodied” Nasty C in the song they both dropped.

“Bodied” which also translates to “dominate” in hip hop slang, was used in describing the song “The Other Side” by Chad Da Don and Nasty C. The tweep insinuated that the rapper dominated Nasty C on his verses and this didn’t go down well with the rapper.

Chad Da Don unlike any other rapper, who would have found the comparison appealing, did not appreciate it, stating that Nasty C made him spit nice verses on a song and grateful to have one of the best songs in the history of hip hop.

See the post below;

Comparison in the industry has been one of the major driving forces for beef in the industry.

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