“I Was Meant To Smash”, Mac G To Lady Du

Mac G is apparently a DJ and podcast host confident in his gift. Even before he made it as a DJ and podcast host, the champ knew he would. As he himself had stated, speaking with Lady Du, he knew he was meant to smash – as the saying goes in entertainment circles.

Mac G, who hosts a podcast names for him, Podcast and Chill With Mac G, might be a DJ, but it is as a podcast host that he appears to have snapped the public’s attention. His podcast has played host to some of the finest voices in South African entertainment.

And he isn’t done yet. In fact, such is the appeal of his podcast that he recently bagged an endorsement deal with Studio 88, a notable lifestyle store in South Africa, earning notes of congratulations from fans and celebs alike, including Miss Pru DJ.

His success appears to have been part of the subject he spoke about during his chat with DJ Lady Du, who is currently trending in South Africa as a result of her  appearance on a billboard on Times Square, New York, United States.

You may want to check out the clips below and share your thoughts.

Lady Du on  phone call at 40:00 during the podcast.

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