Idols SA: Kalawa Jazmee officially confirms signing of Season 16 top 5

Oskido’s Kalawa Jazmee record label confirms the signing of the Top 5 acts from Idols SA season 16.

We wonder how it feels to be one of the top 5 acts of the 16th season of the Idols SA contest right now. Imagine being part of Oskido’s record label, Kalawa Jazmee Records. That would definitely feel great.

The label announced last year that it had partnered with the singing TV show, Idols SA  to sign the winner of its 16th season. Zuma was announced winner at the end of the show. Now, the label has also confirmed the signing of the remaining 4 contestants.

The information was revealed in a statement shared to social media on Friday, February 5th. It states that Brandon Dhludhlu, Ndoni, Mr Music and Zanothando have all been signed to Kalawa Jazmee. It is certainly going to be a year of dishing hits for the label. We honestly can’t wait to see this happen.

Idols Sa: Kalawa Jazmee Officially Confirms Signing Of Season 16 Top 5 2

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