Idols SA Winnner, Zama Shoots Music Video For Debut Single Ndizobizwa

winner, shoots the music video for her debut single “Ndizobizwa”.

You know, it is one thing to win a show, and another to put in the work that would keep your name in everyone’s heads. Shout out to the latest winner of the contest, who seems to understand this well.

For all we know, she must have spent all this time working on new music. Last time she was in the news, she shared a photo of her new whip, courtesy Mercedes Benz as the winner of the show. Fans congratulated her for it.

She has now shared new information on what she’s been up to. Apparently, she’s shooting the official video for her debut single “Ndizobizwa”. She seems to be working well with Records because she looks very content in the photos. This is definitely going to be a fun watch. Shout out to her.

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