#IdolsSA: People’s Opinion On Mpilwenhle, Noxolo, Mpilo, Thapelo, Ty Loner & Nozi

It’s been several years since the establishment of the reality show Idols SA. And since its establishment, it has been an avenue for people to showcase their talents – a platform for hitherto unknown folks to launch their music careers and become famous.

Currently in its eighth season, the reality show continues to gain fans, and so do the contestants for the highly coveted prize. Like in previous seasons, this season has seen the unveiling of several fine talents.

As the season slowly draws to a close, some of these talents have continued to stand out. And, of course, viewers and fans have been sharing their thoughts about them.

She is one singer who appeared to have charmed viewers from the outset. And based on what fans are saying, it is clear they just can’t have enough of her. Some even claim her singing had driven them to tears.

And whether she wins or loses is no longer important right now. She’s a winner already, thanks to her soulful musical gift.

It turned out viewers found Noxolo just as charming and deserving of a place on the honours table. As a result, there is a strong narrative for her to be among the top three and even a loud and rousing call for record labels to sign her. But fate has other ideas for now.

At this stage, she is already on her way to wooing the Rainbow Nation with her charming voice, and many South Africans and fans of the reality show just can’t wait to see that happen.

Mpilo found herself on the good books of many viewers, which shouldn’t be a surprise given that she had actually put up an impressive performance. On social media, many reality show fans were more than happy to give her a spot among the top five.

Interestingly, some viewers are already canvassing for a record label for her because they believe she is going far as a singer, win or lose.

Thapelo is still hot in the show and has not been declared the winner. But some of his diehard fans are sodden with the hope of victory, declaring the reality show should announce him as the winner already. If he eventually wins, it will be a dream for those fans. Here’s what they are saying.

Ty Loner

It’s a mixed bay for Ty LOner. Some viewers think he is actually horrible and should go home. Another dropped a meme of someone holding a rock and ready to throw them at someone else. Another noted it would be the ultimate surprise if the singer didn’t go home.

He has his stans, though, one of whom noted as long as Ty LOner goes home with the prize, he, the fan, would be happy.

Nozi. Viewers had many positive words for Nozi as well, including the star of the show. Some viewers were more than happy to put Nozi in the top 2, and others put her in the top 3.

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