iFani Ends Taunting AKA For 2020

iFani reveals he is done taunting AKA for the remainder of the year, 2020.

For the longest time, SA Hip Hop’s iFani and AKA have been at odds with each other. This started when the latter accused the “February” hit maker of buying awards. Of course, that was all they needed to get their feud going.

After spending some time away from the rap game, iFani now says he’s back to disappoint a lot of people. According to him, he disappointed people when he left, now he’s back to disappoint those he left in the game. He went on to say the “people” he’s coming is Supa Mega.

In more recent tweets the rapper revealed that his tweets aimed at AKA have come to an end for 2020. According to him, Supa Mega “gets it: I’m not dead, I’m deadly”. He has more plans to make magic on both TV and the radio.

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