iFani Reacts To AKA Diss

iFani reacts to the diss AKA threw at him.

For the first time since the beginning of this year, Hayimani has broken his silence by reacting to a diss threw at him. Both rappers have not engaged in any disagreement of recent, but it seems wants to re-ignite the feud.

South African rapper, , has decided to throw another diss at . Their beef started in 2015 when AKA remarked that was able to go Gold in a day because 20,000 copies of his album had been bought by a brand. iFani reacted by sharing his own diss.

While was being interviewed last year, he stated that the feud between him and other artists is just for fun, and there was nothing deep in them.

iFani said:

Another thing that we Xhosas enjoy doing is making fun of each other. It isn’t from a harmful place, it’s just fun to do, we are people who love to laugh. We call it ukugezelana. It’s a matter of saying something that is true but in a funny way. There was no malice behind my tweets.

Yes, it may have been shade as far as tweeps are connected but, for me, it was just fun. This applies to all my tweets from AKA to Cassper to . It was never that deep to be honest.

AKA has decided to reignite the feud again by throwing a diss line to iFani. He said this on a verse he submitted for ‘Right Now,’ the remix single of .

AKA has confessed to MetroFM this week that he is now a single man. The talented rapper said that he went on a vacation and that was the first time in years that he would be doing so as a single man. His statement came after people had speculated that the rapper had called it quits with his baby mama, .

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