IFani Reveals His Bank Account Balance

Ifani shocks fans as he reveals his savings bank account balance.

Fans have watched Ifani prep for his return to the music scene. He spent some time away but we must say that he’s making all the right moves to return to the scene. He recently appeared as a guest on MacG’s Podcast And Chill where he spoke about his music career and money.

His choice of clothing on the podcast also had people talking after he was seen wearing a weathered attire. MacG asked, “What do you call this drip?” and Ifani replied hinting at him being broke.

“I call this the brokeman’s drip, you know when you are at a corner, there’s only one way, up.”

He also stated that the experience of being broke is subjective and contextual. He said,

“You know broke is relative because there are people that get rich once a month and then when the 1st comes they are broke just like me. We are similar for 24 days and then they come rich on the 25th, then we go back to the 1st we are similar again.”

This led the podcast host to ask, “How much money you got in your bank account?” and Ifani did not hesitate in his response. He revealed he has R1,783 in his bank account.


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