Ifani Talks Losing It All & Returning To The Township On Gogo Skhotheni’s The Venting Podcast

Controversial rapper iFani has just opened up on how he blew his money, speaking on The Venting Podcast, which belongs to one of South Africa’s notable sangomas or local healers, Gogo Skhotheni.

The musician had a sit-down with Gogo Skhotheni’s hubby, Monde Shange, during which time he detailed his life and how he made it and lost it all. By his own account, he had to return to the townships after he blew all his money. It was so bad that he nearly had to stay in the hood for six years after that.

Of course, from that experience, he had drawn many life lessons that have served him well since.

Ifani was one of the big-name rappers in South Africa years back. But he appeared to have fallen from his high horse and is pushing his way, trying to get back to the top. Netizens often look back and wonder how he fell off so high a horse.

At least one thing is constant with the musician: the audacity of faith not to give up. Despite not being taken too seriously these days, the songster still has hope of one day reclaiming his spot in South Africa’s rap aristocracy

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