iFani’s Big Prayer For Big Xhosa

Big Xhosa appears to be the man of the moment, having dissed his way to a semblance of fame in South Africa’s music universe. Now iFani, a fellow musician, has wished him good fortunes staying famous.

IFani was one on the biggest names in South African music but disappears almost as soon as he manifested. Now, the songster is trying to find his way back, occasionally hurling verbal grenades the way of his onetime biggest rival AKA.

In a recent tweet, iFani had described Big Xhosa as dope and a great kid. He wished Big Xhosa greater success and prayed there would be no AKA-like figures to bring him down, and that he would get to have a relationship with his crush unlike him, who failed to get his crush Boity. See his tweet below.

Last we checked, Big Xhosa has not responded to the tweet. Big Xhosa had risen to fame with his song “Ninyile,” in which he dissed several key figures in South African rap, including A-Reece

What do you think of IFani’s words to and about Big Xhosa? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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