Iga Świątek Ends Coco Gauff’s 16-Match Winning Streak

To win, to win, and always to win. For many, whether athletes or ordinary folk in the streets, that is the goal. But as it has often been said, life rarely gives people what they want or what they ask for. Well, it was probably Coco Gauff’s dream to continue winning after her 16-match winning streak, but life had other plans.

The player’s story changed forever following the match with second-ranked Iga Świątek on Saturday. It was a meeting of champions, but at the end of the day, Iga prevailed, beating her opponent 6-2, 6-3 at the US Open.

Gauff, 19, had been on a winning streak since the quarterfinals in Montreal. But that win ended abruptly as Iga bested her on Saturday, technically pushing her aside and making a way for her, Iga, to meet Liudmila Samsonova for the finals on Sunday.

About her win, Iga, a Pole, noted that she is “really happy” with her performance. She also pointed out that she feels she can play freely again. It’s been a while since she felt that way. Well, such is the thrill of the game, especially in the middle of a very important win. Well, can you beat that? Viva Iga!

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