Iggy Azalea Finally Reveals Her Baby Boy’s Name

Iggy Azalea reveals her baby boy's name on Instagram

Iggy Azalea reveals her baby boy’s name in a recent video posted on Instagram.

You’ve probably been sleeping under a rock if you didn’t know that Iggy Azalea had a baby. It’s obvious that the “Team” hit maker is trying to keep him away from the public. She has however, revealed that she isn’t keeping him a secret, so there’s that.

In a recent audio clip posted on her Instagram page, Iggy revealed her son’s fancy name. It’s Onyx. Now, here’s the thing. Iggy’s real name is Amethyst (Amethyst Amelia Kelly). Onyx is a type of a quartz just like Amethyst. So, her baby’s name is an obvious homage to hers. Cool right?

In the audio clip, she is heard saying to the newborn “Baby are gonna say something to me?“. Replying a fan who stated that their names go well together, she said “we besties forever“. It’s really nice to see the bond they share.

In June, she revealed how much she wants to keep his life private but stated that he isn’t a secret. She has yet to share any photos of the new born. We must say we respect that. The “Black Widow” has been in a relationship with Playboi Carti for a while now. The two are rumoured to be engaged but they are yet to confirm it.

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