“I’ll Be Missing My Second Home”, Black Coffee Reacts To Closure Of Ibiza Clubs

Black Coffee says he'll be missing his second home reacting to the

Black Coffee reacts to the closure of clubs in Ibiza and says “I’ll be missing my second home”.

The pandemic has affected so much all over the world from the Entertainment sector to businesses. While the world tries to recover from all of it, we can only be hopeful that things would get better some day. Some are already preparing for a comeback when everything is over.

That’s the kind of thought that is keeping “SBCNCSLY” hit maker, Black Coffee going. A recent announcement of the closure of clubs in Ibiza had the talented DJ feeling bad. This means that clubs would be closed this Summer. According to him, he’ll be missing his second home.

Black Coffee is a resident DJ to Hi Ibiza club. However, he also revealed he will be prepping for a big come back in 2021. Hopefully, everything is alright by then, and the world is back to normal.

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