“I’m hurt,” Kudzai reacts to being dumped by Khanyi in Dubai

Mbau’s former boyfriend, Kudzai reacts to being dumped by the media star in Dubai.

and Kudzai’s enviable relationship seems to have gone sour, and messy all at once. We dont know the full details but apparently, things got so bad between them that Khanyi ditched her man in Dubai, hopped on a flight and came back to SA.

We wouldn’t have known about this if Kudzai didnt talk about it in a recent Live video. The very eligible bachelor revealed that Khanyi, who he’d been looking everywhere for, left him and flew back to Mzansi. He also revealed that he had done so much for her.

This includes making her a Dubai resident, paying her daughter’s tuition, and making her a major shareholder at a Dubai company. He says he should have listened to his mother. Khanyi’s brother, Lasizwe claims that something went down between them forcing his sister to leave. He wrote;

Not everything is about you…Do remember what happened that morning!! You don’t want me to go there!! Stop This!”

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