“I’m Tired” – CNN Anchor Christi Paul Resigns On Air

CNN host Christi Paul is done with the network, and she announced just that on air on Sunday, leaving many puzzled why she should use that avenue instead of writing a resignation letter.

On air, she noted that she is tired of being tired and wants to return to Ohio to be with her family and take up another appointment.

Christi has been with CNN for almost two decades. She was the host of New Day Weekend, a weekend show on CNN, until her resignation. Speaking to her co-host Boris Sanchez on Sunday, she had averred, verbatim, “I’m so exhausted. I just could not be who I need to be for my family. I’m tired of being tired.”

The decision to leave wasn’t impromptu, however. It was taken in January. Her husband had contracted COVID in 2019, and the family realized it was vital that she was around and not away working somewhere else as an anchor.

She noted she would leave and someone else would take her spot on the CNN network. But there is no way anyone else is going to be the mother to her kids. So, she’s leaving to be present in her kids’ lives and embrace Ohio’s adventurous spirit.

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