Impressive 2022 Matric Results: Minister Motshekga Hosts Top Scholars

When students perform exceptionally well in their exams, they are usually applauded to encourage them to do even better next time. The importance and potency of encouraging students is something scholars dwell on all the time.

’s Basic Education Minister is well aware of this, which is why, with the recent sterling performances in matric across South Africa this year, the minister is chuffed and out to celebrate the top performers.

Commenting on the success of the set, the minister noted that they were the group that many were extremely concerned about, yet they overcame adversity and emerged victorious. Now, that’s one reason to be proud of them.

The minister delved into the challenges spawned by the coronavirus, which led to intermittent schooling as the country enforced lockdown and other measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Despite these challenges and so much more, the student still managed to come out tops.

To celebrate this milestone, the minister had breakfast with the top performers, giving them fine memories to always look back to.

Would the students repeat the same feat in the coming year? That is left to time, For now, they are luxuriating in the victory of the moment.

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