“In a Happy Place” – Devin Booker Reflects On Kendall Jenner Romance

is having the time of his life dating and he’s keen the world should know.

The star is not just a happy man thanks to the ease of his relationship with one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, he blissfully admits, “I’m enjoying life.”

He made this admission during a sit-down with the Wall Street Journal to discuss aspects of his life and career, which invariably led to the comment about his model girlfriend.

Dating a lady from an ultra-famous family is not easy for most, so the publication wanted to know how the 25-year-old was faring with the constant spotlight on their personal lives.

The spotlight notwithstanding the ace noted that he’s enjoying life to the fullest. He also confessed that it hasn’t always been that way. But he’s in a good place right now, and he loves that about his relationship.

He also confessed his love for his family, as well as his love for the people around him. He’s not only looking forward to making an impact but becoming an inspiration to many as well.

By the way, romance rumors had plagued and for a while, but they only officially started dating in 2020.

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