In Picture & Video: Gogo Maweni Donates To KwaZulu-NatalN Community

In Picture & Video: Gogo Maweni Donates To KwaZulu-NatalN Community

Local healer Gogo Maweni has shown her magnanimous side again by donating items to Empangeni, a community in KwaZulu-Natal.

In clips shared online, the controversial celebrity sangoma could be seen delivering school shoes and school parcels to the Siyamthanda Organization as part of her charity initiative.

The move excited many of her fans, most of whom popped into her comment section to commend her for her kindness as well as ask for blessings on her head for bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

That gesture momentarily took away the sporadic conversation on what she truly stands for and if she represents good or evil. Gogo Maweni has been a subject of great interest, with some of her critics calling her a witch and an agent of darkness.

While she mostly ignores the critics, she would sometimes lash out at them, threatening to use her (diabolical) powers to fight them or bring them down. Some tweeps are scared of the threat and others couldn’t be bothered.

By the way, the sangoma, who is also called Dr Maweni despite not having a PhD, recently bought a Range Rover and flaunted the same on social media. The money is indeed flowing for the sangoma.