In Pictures: Actress Angela Atlang Announces Pregnancy

Births and deaths are inevitable. The one brings so much joy and the other so much agony. first, of course, comes birth. And people would rather embrace the benediction of the moment.

Well, South African actress Angela Atlang is well on course to having a child. She is heavily pregnant and happy to be.

Social media has become the playground of celebrities, where they share everything relating to them, their lives, careers, and what say you. it was inevitable then that it should also be the avenue through which the actress shared the news of her pregnancy.

In her post, she shared slides of herself with her man. One of the slides showed him kissing her on the forehead. In all the slides, it could be seen that she was heavily pregnant.

In the caption to her post, she noted about getting pregnant again, grateful in the beauty of what her life entails with the pregnancy.

Her joy was complete. And from the reaction to her post, it was obvious that her fans were happy for her as well. You can check out the posy and reactions below.

Congratulations are in order for Atlang. Like other fans, we’re looking forward to a successful delivery.

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