In Pictures: Cheslin Kolbe Celebrates Daughter Mila At 3

It is a double blessing for Springboks player Cheslin Kolbe. After winning the Rugby World Cup with his teammates in France, the sports ace got home to new blessings – his daughter Mila clocking three years old.

Now, who in his position wouldn’t;t celebrate? With kids, and with life going in the right direction for you, you readily consider yourself blessed – exactly Cheslin’s story and something he didn’t waste time celebrating.

Kolbe was more than happy to celebrate his daughter’s new age – happy enough to make a post about it on his official Instagram account while calling the kid his “Booo.” He shared slides showing him with the kid, as well as his other children and his wife.

From the images, it was evident the whole family looked happy and Mila herself felt secure at home and in the company of her parents. You can check out the clip below.

The clip resonated with many South Africans, some of whom showed up in the comment section to celebrate with the kid, as well as wish the Kolbe family better days together. Well, congratulations are in order for little Mila. Daddy loves you and he has just shown that for the world to see.

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