In Pictures: DJ Zinhle & Nadia Nakai Spend Time With AKA’s Family

Nadia Nakai and DJ Zinhle, two women who had previously dated the late rapper AKA, had some quiet time with the family of the man they used to love and call boyfriend. Where DJ Zinhle was a previous lover and broke up with AKA to date someone else, Nadia Nakai was the girlfriend at the time AKA was gunned down in Durban.

Unnited by a common thread, both ladies spent time with AKA’s family and shared snaps of the moment with their fans as well. Of particular attention was the post Lynn Forbes shared, which showed her with the two ladies, Granny, AKA’s father, and little Kairo, who happens to be the only child AKA had with DJ Zinhle before they broke up.

Lynn Forbes’s slide showed other family members as well. In the caption, she noted that her mother – also part of the picture – never taught her to love but showed her to. You can check out her post below.

Lynn’s post wouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention even since AKA was assassinated. She had been showing love to both women AKA previously dated despite her own grief. Indeed, she was right about what her mother showed her.

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