In Pictures: Gogo Maweni Buys Brand New Porsche To Celebrate Her BirthdayA

The times are pretty good for popular sangoma Gogo Maweni, as she snags a brand new Porsche in celebration of her birthday.

Yeah, the celebrity sangoma is now a happy owner of a gleaming new Porsche ride. Before the birthday, however, she had already acquired the car and shared a picture of the same, with her in the boot, flaunting “200 roses” and a bottle of Azul.

She didn’t reveal the make of the vehicle at the time. The unveiling happened days later, where she shared slides this time, flaunting her car key and revealing the car’s brand. The first slide showed the car in the open, close to a white Range Rover.

The second slide showed Gogo Maweni luxuriating in her new car. The third and final slide showed her flaunting her flaunting her key. In the caption to the post, she noted that the day she made the post marked the day she was born, and she didn’t come to earth to play. You can check out the post below.

From the look of things, Gogo Maweni has a thing for white vehicles. Her most recent car before the Porsche was a white Range Rover. Maybe an either white ride might join her garage soon after the Porsche.

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