In Pictures: Halle Bailey Pregnant? Here’s What We Know

One thing about being very popular or a celebrity is that people are watching you, and almost every one of your actions is scrutinized – what you wear, how you look and if by any chance there is a bun in the oven. LOL.

Anyway, this reality manifested in the life of Halle Bailey recently, after tweeps went to town to express their belief that they observed a baby bump and the actress might be pregnant. The question then is, is Halle Bailey actually pregnant?

The true answer to that question can only come from the actress herself, even though pregnancy is not something that can be hidden forever. But then, she is yet to publicly admit that she is pregnant. And neither had her man DDG.

The rumours of her being pregnant started circulating back in September when she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing an oversized outfit. Just recently, she was also spotted with her man, DDG, taking a stroll in Santa Monica.

Like in the previous picture of her, she also wore oversized clothes and looked much heavier, indicating she might be pregnant after all. Well, it’s just a matter of time before the official confirmation hits the streets.

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