In Pictures: Inside Kwesta’s Surprise Second Marriage Proposal To Wife Yolanda

Over the weekend, Mzanai buzzed with news that Kwesta was cheating on his wife with a courtesan called Nthabiseng, leaving many wondering where his relationship with his wife Yolanda was heading to.

Well, it appeared the “N’gud” hitmaker wouldn’t allow the rumours to get in the way of his relationship with his wife. And she herself wouldn’t allow it either. This much became obvious when the songster proposed to his wife a second time.

The move caught many by surprise because some social media denizens were expecting trouble in paradise. It didn’t go that way.

Instead, her husband pulled off a beautiful surprise that left his wife in tears of joy. Kwesta had schemed with Thabsie, Sibiya and others to pull off the surprise proposal. And it was a big success.

In a series of posts to her Instagram Story soon after, Yolanda had thanked those who schemed with her husband to surprise her with another proposal, noting she would always remember the effort.

It was a while before she could process what really happened that day. Ultimately, she would confess in another Instagram story that she was never ready, and her husband and his friends surprised the hell out of her.

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