In Pictures: LEGO Unveils Massive Formula 1 Race Car

In Pictures: LEGO Unveils Massive Formula 1 Race Car

Ahead of this week’s Australian Grand Prix, LEGO has unveiled a stupendous replica of the Formula One race car. The car is so massive that it can take a regular race car

The LEGO McLaren – so named to accommodate the two brands behind it – was built in collaboration with McLaren. Eight-time Grand Prix Winner Daniel Ricciardo was pictured behind the wheel at the unveiling of the massive replica.

According to reports, the LEGO McLaren contains 288,315 bricks and took almost three months to make. The result is a monster that has continued to capture the attention of the public since its unveiling. 

If you’re a fan of novelty and concept cars and would love to add the LEGO McLaren to your collection, you might be on a longer thing – as the saying goes – because the LEGO isn’t for sale.

It may well be taken as a contribution to the legacy of not just the Grand Prix and all it stands for, but the role of sports car maker McLaren in the making of that legacy.

However, there’s a massively scaled-down version of the McLaren race car. Called the LEGO Technic McLaren F1, it is currently out of stock because of its massive popularity.