In Pictures: Maps Mapoyane’s Mother Survives Ghastly Car Crash On The N3

South African entrepreneur Maps Mapoyane has shared pictures of an accident scene involving his mother and thanked the heavens that she survived it to tell the tale.

In a post on his verified Twitter account, Maps had shared three images of his mother’s car (which appears to be a Mercedes Benz). It was badly damaged and packed somewhere along the road.

In the caption to the post, he gave some insight into the accident, noting that his mother was cut off by another car on the N3 highway, causing her vehicle to spin and ultimately crash into the barriers. He was grateful that it missed other vehicles around her.

He believes things could have turned out worse. But it didn’t and he is thankful. He, however, failed to indicate whether his mother was hurt or not. You can check out his post below.

Maps’s post had many South Africans talking, with some sharing in his gratitude for his mother’s safety and others wondering why other road users should endanger the lives of others on the road. The N3 appears in the news sporadically and had at some point been the scene of a heist.

Well, for Mama Maps, it is happy survival.

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