In Pictures: Moozlie’s Birthday Bash Featuring DJ Zinhle & Other Friends

South African singer and media personality celebrated her 29th birthday recently, and it was an event to remember. Her boyfriend and manager Sbuda Roc went out of his way to celebrate her and it was memorable.

Grateful for the thoughtful gestures on Sbuda Roc’s part, had celebrated him as well as their love in a post on Instagram. According to her, he didn’t need to do what he did. But he did. She described him as the kindest and the most thoughtful man she had ever loved. You can check out her post below.

The code was white, but of course, some of her friends had other colors of clothing. Several of Moozlie’s key friends, including DJ Zinhle, showed up to celebrate with her. But of course, that didn’t ruin the mood of the party.

and her friends were all out to have a good time, and they had just that. There was wine aplenty, camaraderie and good banter and at the end of the day, everyone agreed it was a memorable day.

and Sbu Roc have dated for several years and many in Mzansi think of them as among the ideal celebrity couples. Who would fault that verdict?