In Pictures: NOTA Celebrates Second Wedding Anniversary Without Estranged Wife Berita

South African rapper and critic NOTA Baloyi is celebrating two years wedding anniversary. The only thing is that his wife, Berita, is no longer in the picture. The two of them are technically divorced. But that is not enough reason for NOTA not to recall their past memories.

The controversial music executive recently took to Twitter where he shared a couple of pictures of him and Berita and announced on the day the pictures were taken, he had married her and vowed to be with her in sickness and in health until death rents them asunder. He insisted on being a man of his word.

But he is no longer with Berita. The couple separated after sporadic conflicts in the union. At the outset, NOTA made some damaging claims about her, including that she was possessed by the Illuminati. He also described her as broke and claimed she threatened his life previously.

Berita countered that he was lying about her being broke and shared a picture from her apartment – a penthouse.

Well, some of NOTA’s fans are angling for a reconciliation. Some said they were happy she left him. It’s a mixed bag of opinions, and NOTA has responses for none of them. His life.

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