In Pictures: Ntando Duma’s Birthday Bash For Ex Junior De Rocka

Media personality Ntando Duma “surprised” her ex Junior De Rocka with a birthday bash the other day at Rockets in Menyln.

Junior De Rocka had just added another year, and spared no expense hosting him, his friends and hers to a good party. She shared pictures of the event on her page, and fans were more than surprised.

For one, the two had a rocky relationship following the birth of their daughter Mzizi. Junior De Rocka had claimed did nothing to prevent the pregnancy. Anyway, the two have accepted their daughter and are proud of who she is becoming – an adorable celeb in her own right.

With the birthday bash for Junior De Rocka, may have told the world she and her ex are still friends, although they had fought over the birth of their daughter previously.

The responses to Ntando Duma’s post indicate that fans were not only surprised at the current amity between them; fans are also angling for them to get back together. But will that happen. Below, you can check out the pictures from the birthday bash for Junior De Rocka.

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