In Pictures: Pregnant Rihanna & Baby Daddy A$AP Rocky’s Cosy At The Oscars 2023

The 95th Academy Awards would go down in memory as one of the most relatable for most, not because Will Smith popped in there by some miracle and slapped someone to stupor but because of Rihanna’s sterling performance and her moments with her boyfriend soon after.

The Barbadian singer, who is heavily pregnant with her second child, had on an emerald shawl that exposed her thriving tummy as she performed before the world. It was a memory that she herself would likely retain in her consciousness years from now.

One key point of her Academy Awards appearance was her getting cosy with backstage and the songster leaning in for a kiss even as cameramen clicked away. In one of the pictures, the rapper could be seen feeling Rihanna’s baby bump.

shook the internet when she got pregnant for for the first time. So big was the news that even Candian rapper Drake caught stray bullets from the who conversation, with tweeps claiming he couldn’t “nail” her, despite his know admiration for the barbadian singer, but ended up having a child with someone not even in “his league.”

Anyway, Bad Gal Riri is still Rocky(ing),

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