In Pictures: Proud Moment Cardi B Celebrates Daughter Kulture During Graduation

American rapper Cardi B is a proud mum to a daughter with whom she is well pleased. So it didn’t surprise her fans when she went out of her way to celebrate her daughter Kulture’s graduation.

Taking to Instagram, the proud mum shared several pictures of her daughter during graduation. The first slide showed mother and daughter in a warm embrace, with Cardi B stooped to her daughter’s height.

The second slide showed the kid in the car playing with her pet, a dog. In the third slide, she is seen smiling lavishly while standing alongside other graduands, who were cropped out of the photo. In the fourth slide and mother and daughter are hugging as they did in the first slide.

In the fifth, mother and daughter are having a treat. In the caption to the post, the “Wild Side” rapper acknowledged her daughter’s academic advancements while encouraging her to continue to do well academically. She would give Kulture the world if she should continue in her run of success. You can check out the photos below.

The comment section throbbed with fans wishing mother and daughter the best and some peeps praising Cardi B for letting her daughter be a kid.

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