In Pictures: Simz Ngema Celebrates Boyfriend Tino Chinyani As He Turns 29

Actress Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema is one woman happy in her relationship, and she is not afraid to admit the same. She showed this side of her recently when her boyfriend Tino Chinyani turned 29.

In a post on her verified Instagram page, she shared slides of them as they luxuriated in each other’s arms, seemingly indifferent to the world and its troubles.

In all, she shared four slides of them. The first slide showed the couple in the open, with Tino stroking her hair (wig actually). The second slide was much more animated. The couple appeared to be in a garden, with Tino embracing his ladt from behind.

In the third slide, night had already imprinted its signature around them, but they didn’t seem to mind. Both were looking into each other’s eyes like long-lost lovers who had just reunited. The fourth and final slide was of them in a warm embrace.

In the caption, Simz noted that she sees her world in Tino, She describes his happiness as her peace, while also noting that her dream is to see him win financially, emotionally, and in every other good way. You can check out her post below.

Of course, here fans were in the comments to celebrate her man with her.

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