In Pictures: SK Khoza Allegedly Assaulted By Fiancée Kate Mathebula

Will South Africa ever overcome the plague of assault cases? We may never know, as cases pop into the public space every day with no sign of abating. The latest case was shared by actor SK Khoza recently.

The celebrated actor was recently hospitalised in England, South Africa, after reportedly being assaulted by his fiancée, Choice Kate Mathebula. In pictures shared online, his hands could be seen with cuts around the wrist area.

In another picture, his hand is partially covered in a bandage while he appears to be resting in what appears to be a hospital bed. You can check out the images, which sent social media into a frenzy, below.

SK Khoza, one of South Africa’s notable actors, was determined the public should know what happened to him, so he shared the pictures he could to document the incident. The result is a big debate on Mzansi’s social media.

Assault cases, often classified under gender-based violence or GBV, are so prevalent in South Africa that hardly a day passes without a case being reported.

It is unclear how SK Khoza will handle his case. But Mzansi is watching. And yes, we will be here to bring you updates. Stay tuned.

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