In Pictures & Video: Lamiez Holworthy Buys New Car For Mother

Over the years, South African disc jockey and media personality Lamiez Holworthy has shown that she luxuriates in birthdays – she goes out of her way to celebrate her birthday including those close to her heart [add husband, Kuli Chana. And her mother here].

She has just shown her love for her birthday again by, well, buying a new car for her mum and giving fans a sneak peek into her (Holworthy’s) birthday celebration.

The songstress is known to have a close relationship with her mother (read her parents). For one, when she was starting out, they had supreme confidence in her abilities and took the trouble to get her musical instruments. Those memories stay with her.

In fact, such is the bond she has with her mother that some tweeps had questioned her why she doesn’t hang much around her mother-in-law – rarely ever posts her. That comment had elicited a stinging clapback from her.

So Lamiez Holworthy deciding to buy a car for her mum would surprise no one who knows her. She shared the moment in an post which you can check out below.

This isn’t the first time she has bought a car for someone close to her heart, however. She had bought a Jeep Wrangler for years ago.

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