In Remembrance: A Peek Into Late Late Amazulu Striker Bongi Ntuli’s Wedding To Sne Zungu

It has often been said that life can be unfair sometime. Indeed, if the late AmaZulu striker Bongi Ntuli could see things from the dust, he would most likely agree wuth that. He is, after all, a sad example of that statement: He died young – at jist 32, when he has the world just ahead of him.

Equally sad was that he got married only two months before his tragic passing. Ntuli was in a romantic relationship with Sinenhlanhla Zungu, the daughter of the CEO of the club he played for. Both kept their romance under wraps until they got married.

But death had other plans for the couple, Ntuli was battling cancer. It was sai that the cancer has spread (metastasized) to other regions of his body, eventually leading to his death.

For some of the players’s fans, it has been a hrd time coming to terms with the reality that the player is no more, so some have taken to watching over and over the video of his wedding to Sinenhlanhla Zungu, just to remember her and process the tragedy od his death. See below.

From the clip, it was clear the couple had a lavish wedding and enjoyed life together for the brief oeriod they had as husband and wife.

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