India Arie Praises Lloyiso’s For His Vocal Ability In TikTok Video

American singer and songwriter, India Arie shares a new video praising Lloyiso for his vocal abilities.

Who said you can’t touch the universe from any part of the world? Well, Mzansi singer has proven otherwise. The talented singer has been catching many eyes and ears since last year. And, they’ve all shown him that they saw and heard him.

Last year, Lloyiso dropped a cover of “Peaches” by Justin Bieber, and the singer reposted it to his stories. Of course, that was a huge deal for him. Did we mention he also snagged an international deal? Now, Lloyiso is in the news again for catching someone else’s eye and ears.

American singer and songwriter, India Arie recently shared a video praising the “Indlovu” star for his vocal abilities. According to her, not everyone can since from the depths of their being like he does. She also urged him to reach out to her. Of course, he did.

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