Sjava’s Reaction To A Compliment From A Female Fan Divides Mzansi

South African rapper and Inkabi Zezwe member Sjava provoked mixed reactions by the way he responded to an admiring fan recently.

The songster is known to be hirsute, with hair in the right places – something the ladies are known to admire and have in fact been admitting for a long time.

Only, this time, a lady decided to articulate her admiration via a tweet. Even though she did not mention his name with the @, the tweet somehow got to Sjava. In her tweet, the fan had described him as “cute.”

Sjava appeared unimpressed by the description of him and bid the lady to show him respect. Some South Africans were shocked by the way he reacted, thinking that he should not have been too serious and shouldn’t have reacted the way he did.


Some found his reaction hilarious and made jokes about it. Sjava himself appeared unconcerned by the reactions to his reaction. Maybe the drama of the Lady Zamar accusation is still playing in his head and he is doing all he can to stay as detached as possible. Who knows?

By the way, this is the first time this year that he has reacted to an admirer this way

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