Inkabi Zezwe’s “Sayona” & “Khaya Lami” Have Been Certified Gold

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Mzansi duo Inkabi Zezwe’s hit songs “Sayona” & “Khaya Lami” have been certified Gold. Both songs are from their album “Ukhamba.”

It truly has been an excellent year for Sjava and Big Zulu, who make up Inkabi Zezwe. The duo teamed up and dropped the hit song “Umbayimbayi,” which became a massive hit. The song was certified multi-platinum and has dominated the airwaves since.

It led to the release of their album “Ukhamba,” which also became a success. The album housed 12 tracks, with Xowla as the only featured artist. The tracks also include the hits “Sayona” & “Khaya Lami.” According to recent reports, both songs have been certified Gold for streams over 1.2 million.

The famous duo took to social media to react to the news. They thanked their fans for streaming the “Ukhamba” album, requesting the songs, and watching the videos. Their fans have also congratulated them and asked for more music.