Inkabi Zezwe’s ‘Ukhamba’ Has Surpassed 14 Million Streams

Inkabi Zezwe’s new hit album “Ukhamba” has surpassed 14 million streams across various platforms.

Do you know what happens when two elephants dance? The earth feels it. That’s the story of Big Zulu and Sjava’s new partnership, Inkabi Zezwe. The two first dropped the hit song “Umbayimbayi,” and it did mad numbers leading to a full-on album.

Since the “Ukhamba” album was released, fans haven’t been able to get enough of it. According to a recent update on their official Instagram page, the album has garnered over 14 million streams and counting. The album will be a month old in a few days and is already doing mad numbers.

All twelve tracks have received praise from fans who hailed the two artists for the energy and commitment they brought into the production and delivery. Inkabi Zezwe is scheduled to perform live at the Sun Bet Arena, Time Square, Pretoria, on June 24. Shout out to them.

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