Inno Matijane Ventures Into DJying, Talks Passion For The Job

Grooves in Mzansi might have a new bang with the recent news that Inno Matijane will be exploring his deejaying gift soon. The social media influencer and reality TV star has just given insights into his plans for the music space.

According to him, deejaying is something she has always had a passion for, She was, however, afraid to pursue it. But now, she has come to a place of understanding and would be taking the leap into the deejaying universe.

She claimed to have started taking DJ classes at Rise Academy two years ago. She got pretty busy in other areas and thought at some point that she couldn’t finish his course. Well, she didn’t give up. Now, she is set to give himself in full to the music industry.

She made this known, as well as treated other subjects in a lengthy post on his official Instagram page, where she also shared his dream of becoming a favourite DJ to South Africans out there. She ended up with a booking email and phone number. You can check out below.

Her post has been liked multiple times, with fans showing support in the comment section. Well, y’all might want to keep your eyes peeled for the new DJ in town.

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